Alexis Neal and Elke Finkenauer: Something to Remember

5 May – 9 June 2018

Something to Remember is a collaborative exhibition which refers to the act of refiguring a past as contingent in the present. The work, which includes lithography, screenprint, debossment, foil stamped texts, sculptural installation and artist books, considers the process of forming identity influenced by community, place, role-models, and experiences; as well as the structures providing contexts within which identity is established.

The point of departure for the exhibition was the artists’ individual and collective response to ideas emerging from Nothing to Remember! and Ode to Forgetfulness – two artist books created by Louise Bourgeois not long before her death. Within these works there is an absence of specificity which could be described as a reflection on the collective forgetting that inevitably extinguishes subjective details. Fragmented and reconfigured, ideas are remembered as forgotten.

Images have been reproduced with permission from the artists.