Jeremy Leatinu’u, Building monuments and folding forts upon a slippery ocean and a moving sky, 2021. Installation view. Photography by Kallan MacLeod. 

From our Beautiful Square


26 June – 4 September 2021


Jeremy Leatinu’u (Ngāti Maniapoto/Sāmoa), Salome Tanuvasa (Aotearoa New Zealand/Sāmoa/Tonga), Amy Jean Barnett (Aotearoa New Zealand), Józef Robakowski (Poland), Hiraki Sawa (Japan), Lucy Gunning (UK)

From our Beautiful Square considers dualities of time and interiority. The exhibition reflects on a period of global lockdown with artworks that consider the nuances of time, change and movement. Featuring new site-responsive artworks by Aotearoa New Zealand based artists and works by international artists, this exhibition foregrounds the importance of contemplative moments and responses through paint, sculpture, sound and moving image.

In different ways, the artworks address the collective experience of restricted movement, both physically and psychologically, offering an opportunity to rethink ideas of locality. It is by looking to their immediate surroundings, and choosing the quiet, slow and meditative, that these artists grapple with a sense of space as one that is both individual, shared and part of a wider global context.

With artworks that evolve throughout the exhibition’s duration, From our Beautiful Square explores the ability, or lack thereof, to move, shift and reconfigure the structures around us. As much of the world watches from within their own squares, the exhibition and its contents embrace a shifting visual territory where nodes of transition become routine.

This exhibition includes new site-responsive commissions by Jeremy Leatinu’u, Salome Tanuvasa and Amy Jean Barnett.


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Selected Critical Writing 

Huni Mancini, ‘From our Beautiful Square’, 2021.



Selected Press Coverage

Ginny Fisher, ‘Making Marks: Multidisciplinary artist Salome Tanuvasa’s new work bursts with colour and joyful post-pandemic energy’, Viva, 30 June 2021.


Exhibition Photography by Kallan MacLeod.