Becky Richards is a maker and tutor based in Auckland. Becky delivered a series of hand-building workshops as part of our public programme for the 2019 exhibition, The Slipping Away: Art and the Ocean Deep. We have asked her to come back and create a series of ‘how-to’ videos for us to help maintain creativity during the lock down. These videos are all about hand-building with clay, which means it can be easily done a home without any special equipment. Each video shows you a different part of making a large, experimental tree-shape. The videos can be viewed alone according to your interest, otherwise view all three to learn how to make Becky’s final form. 

 Check out Becky’s Instagram @pig_nut for more examples of the type of sculptures you could make by just hand-building. 

In her first video, Becky shows you the basics of hand building with clay, and how to make a base for your sculpture, using the pinch-pot technique.

In her second video, Becky explains how to effectively join two different clay forms together, and continues building her large tree-like sculpture.

In her third video, Becky discusses mark-making and texturizing your form, as well as giving tips on knowing when to stop.