Reading room

COOKED: Culinary adventures in 2020 

Shania Pablo, Chani Balmer, Reah Somerville and Anneka Scholtz

From our Beautiful Square 

Huni Mancini

Love and Robots Through a Scanner Darkly

Samuel Te Kani

Happiness in the Age of Personalised Corporations, Smart Tech, and Digital Media

Alena Kavka

Capitalist Critique on Shortland Street

Florence Wu, Craccum

Light green background, with white text placed on it which reads 'We're Not Too Big to Care!'. The word 'We're' is underlined. The text is titled on a jovial angle, slanting upwards across the background.

In Conversation with Wong Ping

Sam Gaskin, The Art Paper

The People’s Communications Commission Report on Racist Broadcasting

Divyaa Kumar, Pantograph Punch x Gus Fisher Gallery

The Subversive Potential: A Reading of Queer Algorithms (2020) at Gus Fisher Gallery

Tara Parsons

To queer or not to queer?

Samuel Te Kani, The Spinoff

Becoming Chinese or How I Grew Up with Mee Hoon Kueh on Weekends

Vanessa Crofskey

The Gulf of Language

Ardit Hoxha

A Response to Language Gulf in the Shouting Valley 

Talei Si’ilata

The Future is a Riot 

Anthony Byrt, Metro


Tendai Mutambu, ArtNow Essays