Sophie Mahon, Fault Lines, 2019. Photography by Sam Hartnett.

Sophie Mahon, Fault Lines


6 July – 7 September 2019


The Booth


Fault Lines is located in the space that housed the building’s original telephone booth. Now used for artists to produce site-specific installations, Fault Lines is the second in a series of works chosen for The Booth.

While temporarily resident in New Zealand, Mahon spent time photographing the visual intricacies of the volcanic and geothermal landscape. Following visits to Rotorua and areas in the South island, Fault Lines speaks of global uncertainties and a human fragility in an environment where Mother Nature continually threatens to take hold. Mahon has carved a fissure in the work, recalling a crack in the ground from a seismic earthquake or the flow of a river or stream. Fault Lines suggests a fragile climate which is prone to snap at any moment, and for the artist this fault extends to people’s ability to connect to each other and the world around them.

The accompanying audio comprises of those captured underwater, of malfunctioning technology and of clay cracking. the sounds of dried clay cracking and breaking apart underwater alongside recordings of malfunctioning technology.


Sophie Mahon is our second artist in The Booth for 2019. The Booth is Gus Fisher Gallery’s space for site-specific proposals, open annually for applications from artists across any career stage.