As part of our current exhibition The Medium is the Message and our commemoration of sixty years of television in Aotearoa, we have partnered with The Pantograph Punch for a new mini writer’s residency.

We are excited to welcome artist and writer Divyaa Kumar as The Pantograph Punch and Gus Fisher Gallery’s writer in residence for the month of September. Divyaa will be on site at the gallery on select days throughout September and is hosting an online participatory project that responds to themes of television and broadcasting as prompted through the exhibition.

Divyaa presents People’s Communication Commission of Aotearoa New Zealand – a response to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, a Crown entity that oversees and upholds the prescribed standards of broadcasting for radio and television in Aotearoa New Zealand. Divyaa is particularly interested in the standard’s code that covers discriminatory content, and the gaps it leaves for less explicit forms of racism, sexism, etc.  

To enable Divyaa’s project, we invite you to share experiences where you feel broadcasting standards have been breached in regards to discriminatory content, but which may not currently be covered by the authority. For example, a complaint about content you have seen or heard from a televised broadcast, cinema/film, radio station, or via Internet Social Media Platforms.

Please find a link to People’s Communication Commission of Aotearoa New Zealand here to submit your entry confidentially. This link remains live until September 26th 2020.  

Divyaa Kumar, of Pākehā and Fijian-Indian heritage, is an artist, writer, object maker, and part-time librarian from Tamaki Makaurau. They have published with Starling, The Pantograph Punch and Photo Forum, and have exhibited with Window Gallery, Greensboro Project Space, and Blue Oyster Gallery (forthcoming). They are also a member of the board of Samoa House Library.