Collateral: Printmaking as Social Commentary

1 July – 27 August 2011

The four artists in Collateral show that printmaking’s long history of social and political critique is still alive and well. From the United States, New Zealand and South Africa, printmakers Daniel Heyman, Michael Reed, Sandra Thomson and Diane Victor utilise the versatility of print processes in diverse ways that offer the traditional pleasures of fine prints and also more unexpected forms: delicate etchings and drypoints, vibrant screenprint designs on a variety of fabric supports, ingenious artist’s books, and engravings on metal. But this was not only an exhibition for print lovers: these artists share the impulse to expose human rights violations, and the different stories they tell invite close reading as they focus on those who suffer not as combatants or through direct involvement in conflict, but in what may be referred to as collateral damage.

Curated by Elizabeth Rankin.

Images have been reproduced with permission from the artists.