Paul Hartigan: Vivid

30 October – 19 December 2015

For more than 40 years Paul Hartigan has pursued a core set of concerns that emerge in different ways amongst the works that make up his career. Many of them stem from childhood: a love of comics and popular culture; the delight that can be found in the misregistration of offset printing; a search for meaning in the mysteries of the glyphs of language (his Lebanese mother would receive cards and letters written in Arabic); a yearning for the urban, the archetype of which is the neon tube.

Language, light, line and colour meet and merge in an array of media that is as remarkable as Hartigan’s ability to master each of them. The work of Paul Hartigan is dazzlingly, playfully, seriously vivid.

The exhibition opening coincided with the launch of Vivid: The Paul Hartigan Story, by Don Abbott, a new book surveying the artist’s 40 year career.

Images have been reproduced with permission from the artist.