Queer Algorithms


15 February – 27 June 2020


John Walter

United Kingdom


Evan Ifekoya

United Kingdom


Ursula Mayer

Austria/United Kingdom


Aliyah Winter

Aotearoa New Zealand


Shannon Novak

Aotearoa New Zealand


Yuki Kihara

Sāmoa/Aotearoa New Zealand


Shu Lea Cheang



Bronte Perry

Aotearoa New Zealand


micha cárdenas



Martine Gutierrez



essa may ranapiri

Ngāti Raukawa, Aotearoa New Zealand

Algorithms are problem-solving operations. They are a set of rules that help us calculate, decode and define. But what happens when these set of rules are ‘queered’?

This exhibition brings together a plurality of voices where identities are understood as always multifarious and in flux. Assuming a polyvocal and intersectional standpoint, Queer Algorithms features artists whose artworks have and are in the process of reconfiguring new algorithms for change against continued systems of exclusion.

Gus Fisher Gallery has worked with the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and Ending HIV on the presentation of individual panels from the National Aids Memorial Quilt as part of the exhibition. Queer Algorithms showcases artworks by international artists never seen before in Aotearoa working in the mediums of video, installation and internet art.

This exhibition is part of Auckland Arts Festival 2020, and the public programme is supported by the Rule Foundation.


New Zealand Sign Language Interpretations

Introduction to Queer Algorithms
Evan Ifekoya
John Walter
Ursula Mayer, Atom Spirit, 2017



List of works
Event sheet



Samuel Te Kani, To queer or not to queer: What can galleries do to address homophobia? The Spinoff, 5 April 2020.


Queer Algorithms


Exhibition opening: Queer Algorithms
14 February 2020

Art & donuts: the NZ AIDS memorial quilt special
15 February 2020

Building inter-generational queer love: a panel talk
29 February 2020

Performance: John Walter, m_Doomsday {Shitney (exorcism)}
12 March 2020

Tarot reading with John Walter
13 March 2020

Talk: Conversion therapy in Aotearoa
21 May 2020

Remembering Brandon: a kōrero on trans visibility
18 June 2020

An evening of poetry with essa may ranapiri and friends
25 June 2020

An introduction to web development
27 June 2020 


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