The Third Space: Ambiguity in the Art of Graham Fletcher

1 March – 28 April 2018

‘The Third Space: Ambiguity in the Art of Graham Fletcher’ brings together work from across the artist’s oeuvre to create an eclectic and dynamic showcase of twenty years of creative practice.

In Graham Fletcher’s art mistinted patterns oscillate against a gridded background, while black and white wallflowers cling messily together. Figures lurk beneath a camouflage of Pasifika patterning, visible yet elusive. A slender statue freezes in the smooth modernist interior of a collector’s home. A multiplicity of interpretations collide and fluctuate together in an intersectional third space. Framed by the artist’s multi-ethnic heritage, boundaries are challenged and unexpected encounters are constructed.

The exhibition surveys the development of ambiguity in Fletcher’s art by juxtaposing old and new works alongside one another, making connections across time and space.

Curated by Hannah Burgoyne with Linda Tyler.

Part of Auckland Arts Festival 2018, with the support of Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust, Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic and Creative New Zealand.

Images have been reproduced with permission from the artist.