Recorded Events

Panel Talk: Conversion Therapy in Aotearoa, held as an Online Zoom Webinar, 21 May 2020

John Walter, m_Doomsday{Shitney(exorcism)}, Performance at Gus Fisher Gallery on 12 March 2020. Video by Ian Powell. 

Recommended Watching

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Watch archival footage about the gallery’s historic broadcasting building via NZ On Screen

Artist Videos

Martine Gutierrez, Clubbing, 2014 

John Walter, A Virus Walks Into A Bar, 2018 

Aliyah Winter, Speaking Without Words, 2019


Horizontal Transmission: John Walter in conversation with Marta Pellerini of the British School at Rome 

Evan Ifekoya, Interview with Gasworks London on Ritual Without Belief (2018). 

John Walter, Interview with Mark Williams on CIRCUIT, 2020 

SUPERFLEX Interview: Why We Flooded McDonald’s

John Walter, Interview with GCP London on CAPSID (17 May – 8 July 2018). Video by Jamie Quantrill. 


John Walter, Doomsday, 2020

Evan Ifekoya, Assorted Audio Works, 2015 – 2020


Introduction to ceramic hand-building with Becky Richards